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The perks of being a student-athlete in the USA

When you hear the term “student-athlete”, one of the words that should spring to mind is: perks!


On the academic side, you have access to private tutors, counsellors and athlete-only study halls. There may even be whole buildings that are dedicated to making sure that you are staying on top of your university work. If you travel during exam time, you will be granted extended deadlines on assignments when you go away for competition, too.


Not only that, you’ll also get some great athletic advantages. You will have access to some of the best facilities in the world – glamorous locker rooms, state of the art weight rooms and incredible stadiums.

There are also top coaches and athletic trainers to keep you fit and healthy as well as physios, medics and nutritionists who help keep you on top form! Obviously, these vary from school to school and the better you perform, the better the perks!


Once you get to college, you’ll be spoilt with all the athletic kit that you’ll need throughout the year. It will always be branded with the college logo and will really make you feel a part of the team! It also that means that you won’t need to transport all your gear over to the US.


Another perk is friends! Student-athletes have a much easier time adjusting to college as your teammates will become your friends from the moment you walk on campus. Unlike most first-year students, you will never have to eat a meal alone!

Being a student-athlete is the gift that keeps on giving; the benefits of playing college sport don’t end after you graduate! If you chose to stay in America, the Athletic alumni networks are extremely active. Your college sports connections can give you some great post university job opportunities.


But no matter what you decide to do after your college experience, potential employers will be jumping for the chance to have you as a part of their team. You will have gained some amazing qualities from your four years at college, that you can only learn by juggling both full time education and training.

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