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Lacrosse Scholarships

Lacrosse Scholarships

Lacrosse is a very popular collegiate sport in the US. There are almost 600 universities with varsity lacrosse teams, giving talented lacrosse players very good scholarship opportunities. Just like it is the case with other traditional college sports, such as american football, basketball, or rowing, college lacrosse goes back many years and started more than 125 years ago.



While the number of foreign college lacrosse players still remains rather low, university coaches do recruit worldwide and are always looking for special talents who might develop into great players over in America. Just like most NCAA sports, lacrosse is an equivalency sport, meaning that coaches are allowed to split up scholarship however they wish to, as long as they do not go over the scholarship limit set by the NCAA. The scholarship limit in NCAA D1 is 12.6 on the men’s side and 12 on the women’s side. Division 2 coaches still have 10.8 scholarships available for men and 9.9 for their women’s team.


Which route should you choose?

For many talented foreign players, a great way to get started in the US, can come through the junior college route. Junior College coaches have 20 scholarships available each year, meaning that full scholarships are more common at the junior college level. The level of play in the NJCAA is very high as well and teams train as hard and as professionally as it is the case at most NCAA schools.


Give college lacrosse a try

If you are looking to continue playing lacrosse at the highest level while also getting a world-class education, coming over to the US and playing college lacrosse might be your best bet. While the path to get there might not be easy, we can help you every step of the way and assist you fulfilling your own American Dream. Make sure to take care of your grades and we will be there to guide you through the rest of the process and find you a university that will be the perfect fit for you both academically and athletically.


Here are some more important facts about college lacrosse and lacrosse scholarships:

  • Number of NCAA Div 1 lacrosse teams: Men 70, Women 113
  • Number of NCAA Div 2 lacrosse teams: Men 64, Women 99
  • Total Number of lacrosse teams (all divisions): Men 417, Women 526
  • Total number of college lacrosse players: Men c. 15000, Women c. 12000
  • Scholarship limit per team: D1 Men: 12.6, D1 Women:12, D2 Men: 10.8, D2 Women: 9.9, NJCAA Men&Women: 20
  • College lacrosse programs with the most national championships: Duke, John Hopkins, Syracuse, Virginia, Princeton, North Carolina
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