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Wrestling Scholarships

Wrestling Scholarships

College wrestling is a very popular and widespread collegiate sport. There are currently 370 universities with varsity wrestling teams. The sport has a very rich and long history dating back all the way to 1928. Then, the first national championship took place and Oklahoma State was crowned the first ever NCAA champion. Oklahoma State has continued to maintain its position towards the top of the NCAA’s wrestling rankings. Only recently has it been surpassed by Penn State as the current NCAA wrestling powerhouse that has won 6 of the last 7 national titles.

Am I eligible?

As it is the case with all other NCAA recognized sports, having a high enough GPA and SAT/ACT score is the most overlooked concept by student athletes looking to be recruited. Even if you are one of the best wrestlers in your region, state, or country, you have to have the right grades. Otherwise you simply will not be NCAA eligible or you will not get into the university of your dreams. This is especially important in wrestling, where many of the best teams are sponsored by some of the best academic universities in the country, so having a high GPA and good test scores, will only increase your chances of getting admitted into those schools and will make you more attractive to coaches.

The College Sports America team has a lot of experience. We will help you determine which university is the best fit for you based on your athletic and academic level.

Scholarship opportunities in wrestling

Wrestling is not recognized by the NCAA or NAIA as an official sport on the women’s side. However on the men’s side this is not the case and plenty of scholarship opportunities are available for talented wrestlers from around the world. There are over 300 teams competing in the different divisions. In addition the scholarship limit per team is as high as 16 scholarships per team in junior college. So a great scholarship might be right around the corner for you, if you are talented, experienced, and if you have the right grades and test scores. So make sure to reach out to us to receive all the information you need to make this dream come true of competing in wrestling at the collegiate level.

Here are some more important facts about college wrestling and wrestling scholarships:

  • Number of NCAA D1 wrestling teams: 76
  • Total number of college wrestling teams: 370
  • Total number of college wrestling athletes: c. 11000
  • Wrestling teams with the most national championships: Penn State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Minnesota
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