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Study Abroad Travel Insurance for UK and EU Residents

TRAVEL INSURANCE is a completely different product to Health Insurance. Our STUDY ABROAD scheme is NOT just Medical only (as Health Insurance is), provides many sections of cover, flexibility and includes REPATRIATION and EMERGENCY MEDICAL cover. The STUDY ABROAD scheme is absolutely ESSENTIAL to complement any Health Insurance, especially off-campus – without proper protection, the bills for REPATRIATION could run into £100,000’s !!!!

CAMPUS HEALTH INSURANCE, the equivalent of Private Medical Insurance in the UK – the options for International students

  1. International students will normally be ‘encouraged’ to purchase the recommended campus Health Insurance – it may already be included in your fees or you could well have to pay separately and it may not be a nice surprise. Premiums vary enormously between Universities, Colleges, Schools and State to State. Please ensure you check out the level of cover and possible limitations, such as secondary insurance.
  2. Occasionally, if you do not have to purchase the campus health insurance up front, they will always be able to suggest an alternative
  3. Very rarely, if they are not pushing their own Health Insurance, you could be allowed to purchase elsewhere. They will, however, almost certainly require an American insurer. We can put you in touch with a specialist Broker in the UK but again, it may be a ‘closed shop’ on campus.

You need to check your full financial package. Know BEFORE YOU GO otherwise it is too late !!!!

Example Premiums

Please Note: The STUDY ABROAD scheme is a leisure travel insurance only and will not provide benefits of cover for Private Health Care. Underwriters reserve the right to move you from one hospital to another and/or arrange for your repatriation to the United Kingdom at any time during the trip.

Please click here and then POLICY TYPES for full details of our STUDY ABROAD scheme, then click the current back tab to get your personal quotation and complete the purchase online.

Any worries, call Brian on 07837 524144 or Email:

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