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The new college golf ranking system

The US college golf world has been eager for the arrival of a groundbreaking new college golf ranking system jointly developed by Clippd and SpikeMark. This site has promised to revolutionise the way collegiate golf teams are assessed and ranked, offering a more comprehensive evaluation than GolfStat. 

Previously, college golf ranking has relied heavily on performance metrics from tournaments, often favouring quantity over quality. Clippd have changed this by introducing a system that considers various aspects of a team’s performance.

The platform is said to capture and dissect every shot played by college golfers, providing a detailed analysis of performance. This approach gives an insight into players’ strengths, weaknesses, consistency, and situational performance. By evaluating course difficulty, weather conditions, and other variables, SpikeMark’s algorithms give an understanding of how players navigate different challenges. 

The combination of this data should give a more accurate review of a team capabilities by acknowledging the diversity of golf courses and the adaptability of players.

This new college golf ranking system has promised to offer coaches, players, and golf fans a more accurate understanding of collegiate golf performance. It aims to reward consistency, adaptability, and skill across various course conditions, providing a fairer representation of each team.

The new rankings went live on the 15th November 2023, click here to check out all the team and individual results. 

College golf rankings
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