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College Sports America starts partnership with Field of Fitness

College Sports America is very pleased to announce its official partnership with Field of Fitness. Field of Fitness have over 30 years of experience in training elite athletes and the company is a private, modern, personal training facility based at Pachesham Park Golf Centre. Their signature personal training model is delivered in small groups of up to four people, coached in their safe and non-intimidating environment. They focus on the fundamentals of strength and conditioning to optimise golf performance, reduce injury prevalence and increase overall health and life longevity. Backed by 30 years of industry experience and “real time” application, their programs help golf athletes achieve more from their body than ever realised possible. The results based program blueprint at Field of Fitness Golf Conditioning adopts a multi-faceted approach to wellbeing and fitness and it is not just about the gym! Their support is via a 360 degree wrap around product incorporating sleep, recovery, nutrition and mindset. Our mission, at College Sports America, is to help young, aspiring athletes achieve their dreams of an athletic scholarship to play collegiate sports in the US. That journey starts much earlier than the first day of college and at College Sports America we want to prepare each of our athletes for their collegiate careers in the best possible way. College Sports America Director, Nick Flynn, and CEO, Elliot Groves, met with John Field and Dan Oliver this week to finalise their plans to launch this exciting partnership. Groves stated “this is a partnership we are very excited about. Many of our athletes take going to college in America for granted but being college ready is something we both want to really push for with our athletes. The strain both physically and mentally of being a college golfer in America is much tougher than in Europe. The workouts are far more intense and geared around power and strength. You play 36 holes in a day during tournaments without a break and being able to train for this prior to going to America, we think, is key to your performance when you arrive on campus.” Flynn also added “I have known John and Dan for over 15 years. They trained me before going to college in America and when I played professionally after graduating college. Their knowledge of the body and getting it ready for high level sport is incredible and I am excited for this opportunity for our very talented athletes.” Field of Fitness Golf Conditioning Directors, Dan Oliver and Jon Field are delighted to be partnering with College Sports America. Oliver and Field said, “We are honored to partner with an industry leading company and to deliver our experience in strength and conditioning to help improve College Sports America’s athletes performance, giving them the very best physical and mental preparation to excel in their sport.”  
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