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College Sports America adds another expert to the team

College Sports America is excited to announce another fantastic addition to its scouting and recruiting team. Emma Gilmore has joined the CSA team as a track and field scout and will start working from the company’s UK office immediately. Emma competed at Murray State University with a track and field scholarship for four years, which gives her an absolute expert knowledge of the US college system. Emma is eager to get started and had the following comments during her introduction meetings: “My time at Murray State University as a division 1 student-athlete was the best experience of my life! I competed for the track & cross country team on a full scholarship, where I achieved Murray State’s “4 years, 2 goals” mission of winning a conference championship event and earning my degree in PR & Advertising. With the support and care I received from both my coaches and teachers throughout my college career, Murray State soon became my home away from home. The academic advising, state of the art facilities and expert staff provided everything I needed to excel both on the track and in the classroom. Being part of a college sports team in America is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. I am thrilled to be a part of the CSA team where I am able to share my experience and knowledge with other athletes in pursuit of their own college dream!” College Sports America is excited to add another expert to its fantastic recruiting team, which consists entirely of former college athletes. Director Nick Flynn was very pleased with the addition of Emma and described her as a “hard worker, a great person and someone who is extremely passionate about college track and field”. So if you are interested in college track and field and would like to receive some information about your chances as well as the process, feel free to reach out to Emma to start working towards your dream of competing in college track and field with a scholarship!
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