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Introducing the newest member of our track & field team

  We’re excited to welcome Jake Cohen to #TeamCollegeSportsAmerica. He will be joining our track and field team and will be working closely with our talented athletes. Jake has been involved in college athletics for over 15 years and is keen to share his life changing experiences with both athletes, and other coaches. He attended the University of Delaware where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in human services, education and public policy. He then moved on to earn his Master’s Degree in Sports Administration from the University of Miami. Jake Cohen is joining our Track & Field team After his time studying at college, Jake moved on to coaching and became the assistant coach at Louisiana Tech University and specialised in jumps. He has also coached at Lamar University and the University of Miami before moving on to become the Assistant Coach at the University of Illinois. Director of College Sports America, Nick Flynn says ‘we are super excited to bring in another expert into our team. With Jake’s experience as a college athlete and Division I Coach in the Big 10, he brings invaluable experience to the College Sports America team.’ If you’re interested in a track & field scholarship in America, contact us today for a FREE evaluation.
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