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College Sports America announces partnership with the Deutsche Basketball Akademie

College Sports America is proud to announce another great partnership, this time teaming up with the Deutsche Basketball Akademie, which is the leading basketball academy in Germany and the only one of its kind. The academy is lead by former NCAA basketball standout, Lindsay Sherbert, who played college basketball for the University of California as well as Gonzaga University and Lena Bradaric, a very successful German Bundesliga and national team player. The academy works with young student-athletes of all ages and allows young players to combine their education with high quality basketball practice, which prepares the players perfectly for a college basketball career after their high school graduation. “We are extremely excited to have this great partnership with Lindsay, Lena, and the Deutsche Basketball Akademie, as we all focus on giving the athlete the best possible option to combine education with high level sports”, said College Sports America Director Patrick Hanauer. Obviously, playing college basketball is a great spring board for aspiring basketball players who are interested in playing professionally, so this partnership will allow young players to prepare for a professional career for several years all the way up till they graduate from college in the US. College Sports America really believes in the huge benefit that this will have for the kids and Hanauer added that “it is a great privilege for us to have someone of Lindsay’s and Lena’s expertise guiding the kids early on in their careers, and we look forward to then helping these players fulfill their dream of playing college basketball after they finish at the Deutsche Basketball Akademie, so we are very excited about that.” Deutsche Basketball Akademie Director and Head Coach Lindsay Sherbert also showed some real excitement and passion towards this great project. “The Deutsche Basketball Akademie is thrilled to be working with College Sports America. Both the DBA and College Sports America share the same vision when it comes to our student-athletes. Both organizations are dedicated to the athletes and helping each individual reach their goals and dreams”, she added. The partnership will go into effect immediately as both sides have been working on the framework of it for a few weeks now. Both, College Sports America and the DBA, will work together on helping young players throughout their educational careers and will be looking at organizing some combined events in the near future to help kids be informed about the options that are available to players if they are interested in combining education and basketball. To find out more about the Deutsche Basketball Akademie and about College Sports America and its basketball section, you can visit both links below to receive some more additional information.   College Sports America - USA sports scholarshipsDeutsche Basketball Akademie
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