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Why use College Sports America for a swimming scholarship?

Swimming has always been one of the toughest sports in terms of hours of dedication and effort. As a swimmer it is hard to combine a good level of education with a high performance in the pool. There is one moment in every swimmer’s life when it is time to choose whether to keep swimming or go to university and stop competing at a high level. You have to choose either one or the other. But what most of the swimmers in Europe do not know, is that the American system offers you the opportunity to do both, swim for four years and get an academic degree. There are more than thousands of universities in the US offering not only swimming but also academic scholarships. Nowadays, the amount of swimmers choosing this journey keeps increasing. Coaches are looking for talented swimmers in an out the pool and they are willing to offer great amounts of scholarships for student athletes to be able to swim and study in the United States. At College Sports America, we will help you with a free evaluation without any commitment and advise you about your possible options for scholarships. We will take you through the whole process and help you prepare all the documents you need, as well as help you with the needed exams. This will maximize your chance to receive the best possible scholarship at a great university and more importantly finding yourself the right fit! We will also help you with all the necessary documents and registrations that you will need with the NCAA/NAIA to be selected and admitted to your dream university. And our work does not stop the moment you arrive in America, we will continue to take care of you not only your first year in America, but the entire four years of your student-athlete career in case there is anything you need. We always like to know how our athletes are doing and make sure we have done everything for them throughout the process!
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