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Meet the Team – Elliot Groves (Golf Manager & CEO)

“My name is Elliot Groves and I am from Winchester, England. I am the Golf Manager and CEO at College Sports America. I am also a certified PGA professional and former college golfer. I began playing golf at age 14 and it quickly became the most important thing in my life. Over the next three years, I found myself competing for Hampshire and England Schools and reached the level to where a golf scholarship in America was a possibility. I had a friend who was two years older than myself and watching his journey to America helped me decide that following in his footsteps was the path I wanted to take if I wanted to make it in golf. At 17, I committed to a junior college called Western Texas College. I really felt like I connected with the coach more than any others along with several other factors including weather, the facilities and the level of golf. The coach promised me that if I performed well then, I would end up at a university where I could take my golf beyond the level I was currently at. This came to fruition after playing the two best golfing seasons of my life, and I ended up committing to Oklahoma City University to complete my bachelor’s degree in economics. Whilst playing golf at Western Texas and Oklahoma City University, I was exposed to a much higher golfing level than I had before in the UK. Winning two conference Championships and a National Championship was, and always will be, the best golfing experiences of my life. The two main reasons I wanted to go to America on a golf scholarship, was the level of competition and the combination of athletics and education. Intercollegiate golf in America is a truly international sport. I competed against players from all over the world who have gone on to become PGA Tour and European Tour players. Also, I was able to study a subject and degree that was not possible in any other country whilst competing at a very high level of golf. My day was split up into morning studies and then golf from midday onwards which is normal across mostuniversities in the USA. With facilities either on campus or very close by, I was able to work out, play and practice every day. This drastically improved my golf over the course of my four years in America. The third factor that enticed me into a golf scholarship in America was cost. To play golf full time in Europe can be extremely expensive and to do this whilst paying for University can be even more pricey. After graduating with no student debt along with having the majority of my fees covered throughout my 4 years thanks to a scholarships, I was given the chance of a lifetime to pursue my sport without compromising my education. Looking back on my time in America has made me want to help young athletes to have the opportunities that I was lucky enough to have. Seeing a young golfer flourish in America whilst still achieving a first-class education is very rewarding. Not only will athletes have all the opportunities in their sport and education, but the experiences and friendships that they make along the way will last a lifetime.” – Elliot Groves, Golf Manager & CEO (College Sports America)    
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