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How to take the perfect photo for your profile

Looking to update your profile and make it stand out? To make sure that your College Sports America profile is the best it can be, we want to include the best photos possible! No matter what your sport is, by following the simple tips below you will help us market you to coaches! Don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy camera or have to be a professional photographer – photos taken from your camera phone will be fine. Top Tips:  1. Make sure you are in the centre of the photo 2. Make sure we can clearly see your face 3. Avoid group shots, we want you to be the main focus 4. Try to hold the camera steady to avoid blurry photos 5. Make sure you’re close to the camera and can been seen clearly 6. Avoid sending photos where you’re holding trophies 7. Make sure there is good lighting and it’s not too dark   Got your photos ready? Email them to us and we can use them to update your profile! For more information or if you need any further help, please contact your College Sports America representative.
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