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Getting admitted into an Ivy League

The Ivy League is a prestigious group of eight private universities in the United States, known for their academic excellence and competitive athletics programs. For many high school students, getting accepted into an Ivy League school is a dream come true, but for international students, the process can be especially challenging.

First and foremost, the competition for spots at Ivy League schools is fierce. These schools receive thousands of applications every year, and only a small percentage of applicants are accepted. This is true for both domestic and international students.

Yale University Ivy League

It’s important that when you apply for an Ivy League school, you make yourself stand out not just in the classroom. If you imagine how many top applications from elite students these schools receive each year, they need to differentiate the applicants through some other means other than their academics. Ivy League schools will look at any extracurricular activities, volunteering positions and out-of-classroom achievements that you have gained. They will be looking for students with an established presence so it’s no good starting a volunteering job or activity just as your submitting your application.

But the challenges don’t stop there. If you are accepted as an international student athlete, you still need to navigate the complexities of being a student athlete at the collegiate level. This includes balancing your academic responsibilities with your athletic commitments, which can be especially difficult as an international student who may be adjusting to a new country, culture, and academic system.

If you’re an international student athlete considering applying to an Ivy League school, here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success:

  • Start early: The process of applying as an international student can take longer than it does for domestic students, so it’s important to start early and give yourself plenty of time to gather all the necessary documentation and complete your application.
  • Maintain good grades and test scores: As with any college application, good grades and test scores are important for getting into an Ivy League school. Be sure to focus on your academics and aim for the highest scores possible on the SAT or ACT.
  • Work with an expert: At College Sports America, we can help you understand the specific requirements and expectations and can provide guidance on how to put together a strong application.
  • Demonstrate your athletic skills to the highest level: If you are applying as an athlete, be sure to highlight your athletic achievements and showcase your skills. This may include providing game tapes, stats, results or other evidence of your ability.
Princeton University Ivy League

It’s also important to note that Ivy League schools admit their students in 2 stages. Early decision and regular decision. This means that if you weren’t accepted in the early decision, waiting for acceptance until regular decision means you’re likely to miss out on offers from other universities with just as competitive athletic programmes. The college recruiting process can be fast paced and once you miss out on an offer, it’s usually gone for good.

So, is it impossible to be admitted into an Ivy League school as an international student athlete? Of course not! Many international students had successful careers at Ivy League schools. Saying this, it’s important to be aware of the unique challenges that international student athletes face, and to be prepared to work hard throughout the process.

Want to find out if an Ivy League is possible for you? Chat to one of our team today.

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