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College in America – Sean’s experience

We love placing athletes at their dream college in America and it is always great to hear feedback on their experience once they’ve returned. Sean went to Eastern Arizona Junior College, Southern Illinois University and then moved to the University of Idaho to complete a Masters degree. Read on to find out more about his experience…   
  1. What made you decide to go to College in America?
I chose to attend college in America because it meant that I was able to work towards a degree whilst competing and playing college golf. Building a strong athletic resume, having good grades, and playing well opened numerous doors for scholarship opportunities both in athletics and academics. This made the decision-making process easier about which universities I wanted to attend because of the finances available through scholarship offers.  
  1. How was your experience of working with College Sports America?
 Throughout the process I mainly worked with Nick and Elliot. Both attended college in the US and shared their personal college stories with me. They explained the ins and outs of a student athlete life both in the classroom and on the field. It was very important to me to find out as much information as possible before committing to moving to the US. The College Sports America team helped me to pick a suitable university to fit what I was looking for and helped me with each step in making it possible. The process of applying for a student visa is very rigorous, however working through the steps with Nick and Elliot made it very easy. athlete playing golf in the USA  
  1. What factors did you consider when choosing a college?
For me, one of the main factors when considering a college was the golf schedule and where the team would be playing most of their events. I was lucky enough to spend my first two years in Arizona, where it was amazing for golf as the weather is always very good and the schedule matched. Another factor I considered was what programs the college offered. If you are looking for something specific, then this may narrow down the number of colleges available. However, if you are undecided which program you want to do, the first two years of college can help you to identify which degree you would like to work towards.  
  1. Tell us more about your college experience…
I enjoyed the team environment and competing against athletes who are of the same, if not better, level than myself. I enjoyed being pushed everyday at practice and also spending the time by myself to work on the things I needed to do in order to improve. Another amazing part of being a student athlete is the training facilities on campus. If you are ever injured or are not feeling great, you will have a team doctor who you can visit to get treatment from. Also, at the beginning of each year, you are given loads of new gear including workout clothes and other items for your sport. I think this is one of the best perks of college in the US. Travelling around the country for different events was also a great part of the college experience.  
  1. Do you think your college experience will benefit you in the future?
 My college experience has benefitted me in so many ways, from the friendships to life experiences, it really has been amazing. Moving to the US when I was just 18 was a little daunting however, I knew I had to take responsibility of myself and I feel like I grew up pretty quickly. One great thing that I have learnt over the last few years is about getting things done no matter how hard or long it takes to get there. A great example is the school work. You must stay up to date within the classroom to be eligible to play your sport. Therefore you need to do everything you can in the classroom to make sure you can step on the bus to the event or the field to play. If your schoolwork suffers, then you don’t play. It’s simple. Finding the balance between work and play is essential for life skills in the future. student playing golf for a college in America  
  1. What is your favourite college memory?
This is a hard question to answer because I have had so many amazing experiences but I think the stand out one has to be having the opportunity to go and play in Hawaii. It is such a unique location that not many people from Europe will ever experience due to how far away it is. Additionally, I would say being an all American in my sophomore year and being invited to play in the patriot all America tournament with the best payers in the country is probably the highlight of my college career.  
  1. Would you recommend the college experience to other aspiring athletes? If so, why?
I would 1000% recommend the college experience to any aspiring athletes no matter what your sport is. The opportunity, experiences, and friendships I’ve made at college will stay with me for a lifetime. This experience is much bigger than just getting a degree or playing a sport, it’s a life experience and not one to miss. I can speak for nearly all athletes when I say if there were a restart button for their college careers, I guarantee all would push it without hesitation. It’s such an amazing opportunity and privilege to be part of college athletics.   If you’re interested in a scholarships for college in the USA, contact us here for a free evaluation. Our team can’t wait to hear from you!  
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