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Benefits of getting a college degree

Earning a college degree from an American university can be a valuable asset for potential student athletes, providing numerous benefits and opportunities both personally and professionally. Here are some key ways in which a degree from an American university can help your future:

  1. Job opportunities: Many employers, particularly in competitive industries, prefer to hire candidates with a college degree. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a bachelor’s degree tend to earn more compared to those with just a high school diploma.
  1. Get to know more people: Building relationships with your team and other athletes at your college will give you some amazing connections! On top of the people you already know, you’ll potentially have access to people that will help you out in the future. It’s all about who you know! 
  1. New skills: Earning a degree whilst competing as a student athlete is definitely something to brag about! You’ll come out with some incredible skills that potential employers will be looking for, including time management, commitment, discipline and the ability to take direction. 
  1. A back up option: If you’re looking to pursue your sport professionally, having a degree can be a good idea to have as a back up option. Sometimes things just don’t work out, injuries can occur or you may not be presented with the right opportunities. Having a degree means you can jump straight into the working world.
  1. Sets you apart from others: Think about how many people have the opportunity to study abroad for 4 years whilst playing the sport they love to a very high amateur level! This is definitely a conversation piece that you’ll be able to share long into the future. 

In conclusion, earning a college degree from an American university can provide numerous benefits for international student-athletes, including improved job prospects, learning new skills and accessing opportunities through the people you meet.

For more information on being a student athlete or to get the process started, contact us here today! We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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