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Michael Klimaszewski

Availability status: Available

University: Seton Hall

Personal Profile

Country: England

Date of birth: 31/08/2004

Height: 6 feet 1 inches

Weight: 168 lbs

Sex: Male

Academic Information

School: St James Catholic High School

Graduation Year: 2022

Enrollment Year: 2022


High School Grades: Math: A, Science: A, History: A, Religious Studies: B, English: B, Spanish: B, Computer Science: B;

SAT: Not taken yet

Swimming Profile


100m Fly (SC): 53.97

100m Fly (LC): 55.44

200m Fly (SC): 2:00.31

200m Fly (LC): 2:05.61

100m Free (SC): 51.07

100m Free (LC): 52.09

200m Free (SC): 1:52.54

200m Free (LC): 1:56.79

400m Free (SC): 3:58.03

400m Free (LC): 4:07.28

800m Free (LC): 8:47.07

1500m Free (SC): 16:07.88

1500m Free (LC): 16:31.84



National Junior Swim England Squad


Give us 5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

Determined, focused, resilient, driven, team-player

Tell us about your best memory of your athletic career:

The best memory of my athletic career was winning my first national gold in the 100m fly and then later discovering I set a new age group record. Also seeing my coach, at the time, emotional and telling me he never felt this nervous since the time he was behind the blocks for the 2012 Olympics.


I want to improve my skill within the sport and eventually swim in the Olympics. I also want to broaden my knowledge and get a great education that will set me up for my future.

Anything else we should know? 

I also enjoy playing basketball, table tennis and badminton in my spare time.
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