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Faustina Pergolini

Availability status: Available

Personal Profile

Country: Argentina

Date of birth: 19th December 2003

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 135 lbs

Sex: Female

Academic Information

School: Asociación Escolar San Patricio

Graduation Year: December 2021

College Enrollment Year: 2022


High School Grades: IT: A, Maths: B, Physics: B, Literature: B, Biology: B, History: B, English: B, Chemistry: C;

SAT: 1220

TOEFL: not taken yet

Golfing Profile

Scoring Average: 77

Tournament Low Score: 70

Current Handicap: 1

National Women’s Ranking (Argentina): 5

Top Tournament Results:

1st place Torneo Ranking Menores y Juveniles #2 (70,77)

2nd place Junior Tour National Championship (76,76)

1st place Estancia La Rinconada (78,76)

1st place Torneo Ranking Menores y Juveniles #3 (74,79)

7th place El Federal (74,80,74)

9th place IMG Junior World Florida Challenge (75,77,81)

4th place Honda Open (74,82,75)

4th place Albierto del Centro Championship (76,82,78)

4th place Provincial Junior Championship (77,82,78)

1st place San Nicolas Open (72, Ev)

3rd place Rosario Jockey Club Open Medal (77, +5)

2nd place El Paso Trophy (79, +6)


Give us 5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

competitive, hard-working, willful, aggressive, cold-minded

Tell us about your best memory of your athletic career:

My greatest golfing memory came when I was playing a tournament at Hawk’s Landing Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. In the final round, I was very close behind the girl who was in first place, and it was a very tight at the top, since both of us were playing well and hitting a lot of great shots. She was tremendously competitive so it was not an easy opponent to play against. In the end, I was very close to winning, but I made a mistake on one of the last greens and could not catch up anymore, so I ended up in second place. Despite the bitter end, it is one of my best memories because I really enjoyed the game, on arguably my favorite golf course, and learned a lot of things, such as perseverance, patience and accepting the defeat without any regrets.


My goal is always to give it my all and to play to the best of my ability. I am really looking forward to being part of a university team and win a lot of tournaments with my team!

Anything else we should know?

I am very much into fitness and go to the gym several times a week to support my golf game!

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