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Senan Noonan

Availability status: Available

Personal Profile

Country: Ireland

Date of birth: 07/07/2004

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 165 lbs

Sex: Male

Academic Information

School: Institute of Education

Graduation year: 2023

Enrollment Year: 2023


High School Grades: History: A, Maths: A, English: A, Spanish: A, Science: A, Geography: A, Irish: B, Technology: B;

SAT: 940

Water Polo Profile


Positions: Left Wing, Left Flat, Right Flat, Right Wing

Current Team: Irish U17 Team

Team Selections: Irish U15 Team, Leinster U15 Team, Senior Cup Team;



Games played (Season): 42

Games started (Season): 35

Goals Scored (Season): 126

Blocks (Season): 94

Assists (Season): 167



U15 National Cup Champions

U17 National Cup Champions

U19 National Cup Champions

Won the Brother Phillip Cup

Cu Chulainn Tournament Champions


Give us 5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

Dedicated, Kind, Open-minded, Humorous, Confident.

Tell us about your best memory of your athletic career:

Going into the final of the interprovincial tournament, we were playing against a team we had lost to in the group stages. One of our teammates dads (who was big into water polo) had passed away recently. Our coach gave a tough speech and said that we should win it for him. The assistant coach pulled me aside and said I needed to give it my all and leave nothing in the tank. 

We ended up winning in a very tight and well played match and the talk afterwards was so emotional that I cried tears of joy. We lifted that cup as high as we could and my smile was so big that my cheeks hurt. 


To be an integral part of a team that qualifies for an international tournament, be it the Olympics, World or Europeans. 

Anything else we should know? 

I am a competitive swimmer and compete at National Irish level. My events include back, fly and free (SC).

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