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Oliver Amnefjord

Availability status: Available

Personal Profile

Country: Sweden

Date of birth: 26/05/2004

Height: 6 feet 1 inches

Weight: 160 lbs

Sex: Male

Academic Information

School: Aspero Idrottsgymnasium

Graduation Year: 2023

Enrollment Year: 2023


High School Grades: Math: B, English: B, Swedish: B, Psychology: B, Religion: B, PE: B, Spanish: C, History: C, Social Science: C, Science: C;

SAT: Not taken yet

TOEFL: Not taken yet

Golfing Profile

Scoring Average: 76.8

Tournament Low Score: 68

Current Handicap: 0

National U21 Ranking (Sweden): 241

Top Tournament Results:

5th place Teen Tour – Hammarö (76,70)

5th place Dynekilen Junior Open (74,73)

9th place Teen Tour – Lidköping (78,74,70)

8th place Teen Tour – Ljunghusen (72,79,70)

15th place Teen Tour – Lidköping (73,69,79)

39th place Ringenäs Junior Open (77,70,79)

3rd place Teen Tour – Borås (74,74)

20th place Teen Tour – Gullbringa (80,71)

18th place Slaget om Göteborg (76,76)

26th place Haninge Junior Open (77,76)

12th place Onsjö Cutter & Buck Junior Masters Invitational (79,73)

7th place Falkenberg Junior Open (77)


Give us 5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

Hardworking, competitive, passionate, driven, determined

Tell us about your best memory of your athletic career:

My favorite memory from my golf career is when I came third on a Teen Tour at Borås Golf Club. The weather was bad all day but despite this I managed to play well and my final result gave me a wildcard to play my first Elite Tour event, which is the highest junior level in Sweden.


Keep working as hard as I can to become the best player I possibly can be. My goal is to become a player on the PGA Tour and to represent Sweden. 

Anything else we should know?

I am currently studying at NIU Golf at Aspero Idrottsgymnasium. Yearly, there are 8 spots divided between boys and girls. Studying at Aspero gives me the opportunity to train and compete with some of Sweden’s best golfers and coaches. The school is located two hours from where I grew up, which meant I had to move away from home when I was 16. Moving away from home at an early age has taught me a lot and I have become a very independent person who is good at taking care of myself both on and off the golf course.

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