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Nicolas Normand

Availability status: Available

Personal Profile

Country: Belgium

Date of birth: 25th October 2004

Height: 6 feet 3 inches

Weight: 165 lbs

Sex: Male

Academic Information

School: Lycée de Berlaymont

Graduation Year: 2022

College Enrollment Year: 2022


High School Grades: Maths: A, History: A, English: A, Geography: A, Spanish: A, Sciences: A, Economics: A, Religion: A;

SAT: not taken yet

TOEFL: not taken yet

Golfing Profile

Scoring Average: 74

Tournament Low Score: 69 (-4)

Current Handicap: +1

National Junior Ranking (Belgium): 8

Team Selections: Belgian National Team, Wallonia Regional Team (AFG)

Top tournament results:

4th place Keerbergen Junior Open (75,69)

1st place Millenium Junior Open (75,72)

Belgian National Team Squad Tournament (75,71)

2nd place Belgian National U14 Championship (77,77,74,76)

1st place Junior Elite Day (69, -4)

1st place Lucky Pro Tour (73, Ev)

2nd place Prix des Elites (73, Ev)

5th place Ternesse Junior Open (74, +2)


Give us 5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

passionate, dedicated, hard-working, respectful, motivated

Tell us about your best memory of your athletic career:

My best memory came in matchplay, during the Belgian National Team Championship. We needed to win my match to get into the final and I was three down with four holes to play. On the Par 3 15th, I almost holed my tee shot and won the hole with a birdie. On the par 4 16th, I nearly hit the green with the driver and had an easy chip which gave me another birdie. On the par 5 17th, I was nearly on the green in 2 with an easy putt for eagle and my opponent gave me the hole. Finally, on the par 4 18th, I had a hard 12-foot downhill left to right putt to win and I holed it, which gave us the match. There was a lot of pressure and adrenaline and it was great to celebrate this great experience with my teammates!


My long term goal is to win tournaments on the PGA or European Tour!

Anything else we should know?

I am a hardworking young golfer who loves playing under pressure and who loves the big moment!

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