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Natalie Mitchell

Availability status: Available

Personal Profile

Country: New Zealand

Date of birth: 6th October 2000

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 135 lbs

Sex: Female

Academic Information

School: Mount Aspiring College

Graduation Year: December 2018

College Enrollment Year: 2019


High School Grades: coming soon…

SAT: 6th October 2018


Triathlon Profile


21st place 2016 Grand Final World Championships (Mexico)

27th place 2018 Grand Final World Championships (Australia)

8th place 2016 Grand Final World Championships (Aquathlon)

2nd place 2018 Otago New Zealand Schools Championships

1st place 2017 Secondary Schools Xterra Championships

3rd place 2018 South Island NZ Secondary School Champs


750m swim: 10:40

500m swim: 6:57

1km swim: 15:28

1.5km swim: 22:08

20km bike: 32:46

5km run: 23:11

Additional Information:

Team Selections: New Zealand Triathlon National Team


Give us 5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

motivated, passionate, reliable, hard-working, integrity

What makes you different?

When I set goals I become very focused on achieving the highest level of success. I always conduct myself with a high level of personal integrity. I enjoy training in a team environment. I am also very organized, and consider myself, a processed oriented person. I always listen to advice and I understand how to push myself to achieve my goals.


To win a US National Championship and to graduate from college!

Anything else we should know?

I am a qualified New Zealand Surf Life Guard, including creating training programmes for junior lifeguards in training. I completed over 50 hours of community service volunteering in youth mountain biking and swim squads. I have also mentored and supported younger riders for secondary school cycling teams.

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