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Jasmijn Boon

Availability status: Available

Personal Profile

Country: Netherlands

Date of birth: 27th May 2000

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 160 lbs

Sex: Female

Academic Information

School: University Rotterdam

High School Graduation Year: 2018

College Enrollment Year: Fall 2018

Transfer Year: Fall 2020


High School Grades: Dutch: B, English: B, Maths: B, Art: B, Economics: C, French: C;

SAT: not taken yet

TOEFL: not taken yet

Swimming Profile

50m Free (SC): 25.56

50m Free (LC): 26.24

100m Free (SC): 56.34

100m Free (LC): 58.28

200m Free (SC): 2:07.03

200m Free (LC): 2:12.90

400m Free (SC): 4:39.89

400m Free (LC): 4:47.74

800m Free (SC): 9:47.25

800m Free (LC): 10:04.95

100m Fly (SC): 1:04.45

100m Fly (LC): 1:04.04

200m Fly (SC): 2:21.83

200m Fly (LC): 2:32.29

50m Back (SC): 29.62

50m Back (LC): 30.68

100m Back (SC): 1:03.86

100m Back (LC): 1:05.16

200m Back (SC): 2:14.43

200m Back (LC): 2:20.91

100m Breast (SC): 1:19.91

100m Breast (LC): 1:21.53

200m Breast (SC): 2:53.33

200m Breast (LC): 3:12.43

200m IM (SC): 2:21.83

200m IM (LC): 2:27.15

400m IM (SC): 5:12.30

400m IM (LC): 5:21.05

Additional Information:

Achievements: 27 medals at the Dutch National Championships over the years

Events competed in: European Games Baku, Eger Hungarian Championships, Swimcup (3 times), Dutch Nationals (6 times), Dutch Relay Nationals (7 times)

Team Selections: Dutch National Team (2014-2016)


Give us 5 words that best describe you as an athlete:

positive, ambitious, happy, determined, relaxed

Tell us about your best memory of your athletic career:

My swimming career has been filled with a countless amount of good memories, but one of them was definitely swimming in the European Games in Baku. This competition made a huge impression on me as it was so nice to be for once, surrounded with athletes that have all been through the same. We had all put so much effort in reaching our goals and this was the moment of truth. I nearly reached the semi-finals in my both distances (50 free and 200 backstroke), but just participating and everything around it taught me a lot and was an amazing experience.


I would really love to see what it is like to be part of an American swim team and to see if I could find a coach that is able to teach me what is needed to reach my full potential. I am certain there is still a lot I can do to improve and I would love to see how far I can go.

Anything else we should know?

My ambition has always been to find a nice balance between academics and swimming. I love being in university and following courses in communication, media, business and design.

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